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The dominant narrative in EdTech is one that is primarily investor-driven.

What would it look like to talk about the EdTech sector from a lens of impact? What would it look like to champion the notion that technology can be an integral part of our education system (whether it makes venture scale returns or not)?

Our sector would be better served by understanding how to adopt more “Tech in Ed”, rather than simply adopt more “EdTech”

This is what’s at the heart of what we do at Project FoundED. We support new innovations in EdTech, and build new channels to ensure educators can more effectively adopt that technology. “Tech in Ed” is our newsletter that explores the EdTech sector with impact on equitable learning outcomes as its primary lens. We don’t (yet) have the answers on how to get there, but we are motivated by finding the solutions. At the very least, we want to have a conversation about it.

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We write about the EdTech industry with an impact lens. We analyze trends in the sector, how those trends might impact learning outcomes, and highlight the folks making it happen.


Sandro Olivieri

Project FoundEd is the largest community of EdTech founders in the world dedicated to ensuring our sector stays focused on equitable learning outcomes. We use our collective voice to remove barriers to the innovation and adoption of EdTech worldwide

Habib Bangura

Working to prevent current educational inequities from being hardcoded into our digital future. Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Mentor, Recovering hooper, Decent cook, Love God, Love All. I read about everything and write what I like.